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seunghee kim

SeungHee Kim is a interior + set stylist who has been involved in fashion and interior magazine editorials and advertising projects. She has involved creating important artistic concepts and esthetic space imagery.

Graduating from
Master's program at Konkuk University, Seunghee began her career as interior designer of Seoul's leading interior firms such as  Jeon Design, Group Moin Design, BNB Design Associate for 8 years. She has quickly emerged as one of the most sought after interior   + set stylist in the industry working with many prominent fashion, lifestyle and home deco magazines and advertising campaigns.

She regularly creates style for many of the leading magazines based in Seoul including Vogue, GQ and Maison Marie Claire and more. Her commercial work has included some of most beautiful projects.

Her advertising clients have included SAMSUNG Electronics PAVV, SAMSUNG Corning, SAMSUNG Precision Glass, SamHo F&G, Amore Pacific and more.

In addition to editorial and ad campaign styling, she also provides interior consultant work for private home, commercial space and promotional events.