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seaone lee

Seaone Lee is a fashion stylist who has been involved in fashion magazine editorials and advertising projects. he has involved creating important brand concepts and imagery.

Graduated from Esmod and attending FIT, she began her career as a fashion designer of Seoul's leading fashion firms, Original Lee by Lee ShinWoo and Telegraph by Deco. Then she began styling exclusively for musicians and celebrities that include musician Lee SangEun for various editorial shoots and album covers.

Since then her portfolio has quickly expanded. Her advertising clients include Vincis Bench, EXR, MCM, Levi's, Bang Bang, Maru, Viki, Nouv, Calipso, Tomboy, Mila Schon, Double M, Y'SACCS, S.L Liah, Rhizlisa, allo&loug, Moa Baby, Lotte Card, Samsung Mobile, Laneige Cosmetics, Hera Cosmetics by Amore Pacific and more.

Furthermore, her edge styling sense has produced fashion stories for Marie Claire, Donna, Elle Girl, AnAn and she worked on various prominent styling projects such as animation, film and theatrical performance. Her unique talent as a stylist has formed lasting professional relationships with clients. And an extensive knowledge of fashion design and draping has enabled her to work as a costume designer as well.